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Guerilla Beam is a 3D printed low cost high power projector.

Concept Edit

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The project uses 3D printing to transform super-bright flashlights and old lenses into a guerilla projector.

The slide holder is modular, featuring adapters for most SLR lenses and many Cree XM-L flashlights. 

Project background Edit

The project is an original work by Christian Werner aka Universalist .

GuerillaBeam- Assembly (with annotations)02:04

GuerillaBeam- Assembly (with annotations)

Instructions Edit

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Follow this link to the page dedicated to the project instructions.

Links Edit

Guerilla Beam - Dedicated website

3D printing templates at

GuerillaBeam on Twitter

Contact Edit

You want to replicate this tool with the help of a streettoolbox contributor? You can contact us to talk about it at

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